Sandclock Terminology, ordered alphabetically

Compound: to lock in the profits and reinvest them

HNWI: High Networth Individual

Liquidation: a process that occurs when a borrower's liabilities exceed an agreed upon acceptable Loan-to-Value ratio. In such a scenario, a third party can pay off some or all the debt in order to unlock the borrower's collateral, typically at a discount.

Metavault: An entity that has been created in order to structure capital based on the creator's thesis.

Ex: "Aligning with my thesis to build up my wealth by DCA with my yield. My Metavault will create inter-generational wealth for my family."

Principal: the initial deposit

Risk: likelihood of a given strategy incurring a loss due to market conditions

Strategy: the strategy contract used to generate yield

Underlying: the default token for a given vault

Yield: the capital generated from the initial deposit

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