Initial Allocation: Team 20%, DAO 80%.
The community will become responsible for the spending of the DAO's QUARTZ upon deployment of Snapshot and then, the DAO.
QUARTZ has been whitelisted by UMA. This allows us to craft KPI options in order to significantly improve the capital efficiency of emissions and ensure they are providing a value to the DAO that is comparable to the amount being spent. They also allow Sandclock to prevent dilution of existing holders, provided KPIs are met, aligning incentives between the community and the success of the protocol.
Our recommendation for the allocation no longer contains hard values. Instead, we list relevant areas for efficient DAO spending, listed below:
  • Insurance
QUARTZ might be used to capitalize an insurance fund. Once in place, Quartz stakers will benefit from the coverage.
  • Liquidity Mining/Bonds
QUARTZ can be distributed to incentivize additional liquidity (e.g. through KPI options).
  • TVL Mining
QUARTZ can be distributed to increase the TVL of Sandclock's metavaults (e.g. through KPI options).
  • Ecosystem Development/Grants
QUARTZ can be granted to incentivize development or marketing of our growing ecosystem.

Permalocked Tokens

At least 30% of QUARTZ shall remain locked in perpetuity. The purpose of this QUARTZ is to incentivize TVL growth, Giving, or other actions on-chain without diluting existing holders. It achieves this through a delegative function, whereby a trusted backend can delegate voting power to an address on Polygon without transferring ownership of the tokens.
It was initially designed in order to incentivize giving, but it can fulfill other objectives while preserving the value of QUARTZ.

Chronological Records

3,235,547 were sold during Phase I
500,000 were sold to a limited number of strategic partners (partnership incentive alignment and additional development services, 50% still being vested until October 23 2023)
1,371,376 were sold during Phase II
116,279 were loaned to Lindy Labs for liquidity provision on SushiSwap (matched with 2,000,000 USDC)
29,412 were loaned to Wintermute for liquidity provision on SushiSwap (matched with 500,000 USDC)
56,088 were used for Liquidity Mining on SushiSwap
168,500 were used for Liquidity Mining on Olympus
470,583 were loaned to Wintermute for market making on KuCoin
20,000 were given to KuCoin (plus an undisclosed amount of USDC) for listing purposes
22,000 were given to KuCoin for their marketing campaign
23,673 have been used for grants


7,513,458 QUARTZ


Scheduled Emissions
None. The DAO will control the use of these tokens. Possible future use cases are listed under DAO Tokens, designed to increase the value of the treasury and lessen the effects of dilution for $QUARTZ holders. In other words, they'll be used to accelerate growth and benefit all stakeholders.
None. These will be locked in perpetuity. Learn more under Permalocked Tokens​.
To date, only approximately 15,000,000 have been allocated. Team tokens are being vested linearly over three years. The cliff ended on April 21 of 2022 and team members should theoretically be allowed to claim, as the tokens are vesting until October 21 2024 (to be revisited soon). They don’t fall under circulating until claimed. If at any point during our temperature checks, the community wishes for decentralization, we will gradually distribute our share of the tokens through OTC deals, dutch auctions, and other such mechanisms, in order to eliminate negative price action. Initially, for the success of the project, the team will retain a significant portion of the tokens, outlined above.
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