Sandclock's Single Source of Truth
The world’s first trustless wealth management platform.
High-Net-Worth Individuals use exclusive wealth management platforms operated by humans to generate a return on their idle capital and allocate it to asset classes and causes they believe in. Sandclock does too, with more elegance, trustlessness, and sustainability.
When you deposit to Sandclock, the contract invests your initial deposit to a predetermined strategy chosen by you, then, it automagically splits your principal from the yield generated. You can then subdivide them however many times you want and stream your yield (or principal) to anything you want.
  • Keep: what you keep.
  • Give: what you donate to a not-for-profit or program; it entitles you to an NFT that can be burned for a charitable tax deduction.
  • Invest: what you allocate to an asset you want the profits to be transmuted into.
  • Custom: what you allocate to another wallet or smart contract (that supports it!); This is key as it leads to many novel use cases that we will be announcing in due time.
For information on the various strategies supported by our Metavaults, go to the page below:
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